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SpyFinder Personal Hidden Camera Detector


Even detects cameras not in operation
  • Detect hidden wired/wireless cameras
  • Easy to use
  • The only detector on the market that can detect cameras not in operation


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Power Requirements
Battery Powered Yes
Warranty (years) 90 Days

The SpyFinder is an easy-to-use compact, battery powered device that visually detects any hidden or spy cameras. It is the only detector on the market that can detect cameras even when they are not in operation. You can detect the exact location of wireless and wired cameras by simply looking through a small view finder while you scan any any room.

Use it in dressing rooms or gym locker rooms to protect yourself from peeping eyes. Give your loved ones uncompromising privacy and peace-of-mind. This device fits in your pocket, providing convenient portable protection.

The SpyFinder is a lightweight, battery-powered device that allows you to quickly identify and locate hidden cameras by using an array of ultra-bright LEDs in a patented optical configuration. When a camera is found it is highlighted in the user's field of view, it appears as a flickering bright spot of light. The SpyFinder works on a variety of camera types including video CCTV cameras, digital cameras, auto focus cameras, camcorders, and spy/pinhole-type cameras.